Big City

     Big City is the Charlotte Metro version of Jukebox Revolver. Fronted by Niia Bishop, the energetic, light hearted, and former lead vocalist for Jukebox Revolver that everyone came to know and love, Niia brings a unique change and energy to the band Big City.  Due to career changes, Niia keeps the Big City brand centered in the Charlotte area of North Carolina.   At the core of the band is held together by the rhythm section of Danny, Nick and Mike. 

     With a strong focus on the Funk, Pop, Soul and R&B sounds, Big City brings a fun and different sound that sets them apart from most bands in the Charlotte Metro area.  With a steady beat, provided by Drummer Nick Savoyski, and a strong pocket locked in by Bassist Mike Allegrezza, and the fiery guitar shenanigans brought to you by Danny Skeel, the three of them lay the perfect foundations for Niia to shine and bring a level of excitement that truly makes Big City and band to see.