Do you all play Weddings? 

This is an easy question, Yes we play wedding, we really enjoy playing music and absolutely love being asked by two people to help usher in a new life together. When we play weddings we try and stay in touch with the bride and groom, and anyone else the feel need to be in contact with us. We allow for the couples to as us to learn two songs just for them for their event. The reason we limit the requests to two songs is that anymore than that and it gets a little rushed and improperly prepared when you consider all the other private events we play and all the bar gigs we tend to play. 


Do you have to go on break? 

We do require breaks as musicians, being that we are a 5 piece band and at any given moment there are 1-5 people singing it tends to dry out our voices so we tend to take a 15-20 minute break every hour to hour and a half to help re-lubricate or voices and eat 

Do you play anything else besides weddings and clubs?

Simply put we do.  We play anything and everything we can because we absolutely love to play music, so you will see us playing corporate events, bat mitzvah's, birthdays, retirement parties, frat parties and any other kind of private event as well as clubs across the Carolina's and Virginia and West Virginia

What kind of music do you all play? 

We try and play a wide variety of music, but the songs we tend to play and choose to play are really big hits, we try and find the ones that remain relevant to the up and coming generations, so we often tell people we play a little bit of everything.  Unlike most bands that tend to make that claim we honestly mean it, so in a given night depending on the client you can see us play Jazz from the 30's to the most recent Justin timberlake song.  You will hear pop, hiphop, country, blues and any other genre people might ask for  

Do you play ___________ Song?

We can play what ever song you would like, given enough notice for us to learn it, but unless your a private party we tend to keep requests down to frequently requested songs.  If enough people ask us to learn a song we will end up learning it, but otherwise we tend to only learn songs that are mega hits that transcend decades and songs asked by private events. So if you are a club goers and a friend of ours, get your friends to come and see us and keep requesting songs and we will be forced to learn it lol